Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vanilla Bean Egg Nog

A nourishing, deeply creamy colored egg nog, full of nutrient dense ingredients!  Pastured egg yolks provide the creamy yellow tint to this delicious fall beverage (or anytime!)   Make a quart jar (or two!) to keep in the fridge so you can have seconds!   A scraped vanilla bean pod dots this egg nog with decorative speckles and deep vanilla flavor!

Vanilla Bean Egg Nog

You will need:
Raw whole grassfed milk-1 quart
grassfed cream-1/2 cup
pastured egg yolks-4 (save the whites for macaroons)
grade B maple syrup- 2-3 TBSP
vanilla extract and/or a vanilla bean- a splash of extract and half of a vanilla bean pod scraped
nutmeg -2 teaspoons (grate a nutmeg nut for fresher flavor!)
cinnamon-1 tablespoon

Combine in a blender until frothy.  
You may want to split this in half so your blender doesn't overflow- 
it depends on the size of your blender!

Pour into a cup and enjoy with a straw.  Eat the foam first!


-Nourishing Creations-

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