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Brilliant Yellow Grass-fed Ghee from Pure Indian Foods

Recently, I was able to try Grass-fed Ghee (Clarified Butter!)  from . Pure Indian Foods
Ghee- what is the world is that?  Ghee may seem like a "foreign" word to many!  "I got a jar of Ghee"  or " I fried my pancakes in Ghee"  might boggle some of your minds, wondering, "What is Ghee?"

Ghee Picture
What a satisfying flavor and aroma it has.  So brilliant yellow and full of fat soluble vitamins!

Here is a little explanation from Wiki about how it's made and what it is:

Ghee is a class of clarified butter that originated in South Asia and is commonly used in South AsianIndianBangladeshiNepali and Pakistani cuisine.

 Ghee is made by simmering unsalted butter in a cooking vessel until all water has boiled off, the milk solids (or protein) have settled to the bottom, and a froth has floated on top. After removing the froth, the cooked and clarified butter is then spooned off or tipped out carefully to avoid disturbing the milk solids on the bottom of the pan. Ghee can be stored for extended periods without refrigeration, provided that it is kept in an airtight container to prevent oxidation and remains moisture-free. The texture, color, or taste of ghee depends on the source of the milk from which the butter was made and the extent of boiling and simmering.

There you have it- Ghee is free from dairy proteins- if you have a milk or dairy sensitivity- you can still have Ghee!

And did you SEE that?  Ghee can be STORED for extended periods of time withOUT refrigeration!   Real Food- FOOD STORAGE here I come!  (I'm planning to prepare information about including *REAL* foods into our food storage!)
Ghee Picture

There are many benefits of ghee, especially when made from butter from cows that are grassfed!

    From the Pure Indian Foods website: 
  "Food for Optimum Health:

Ghee is a nutrient dense food and contains healthy fat soluble vitamins which aids in the absorption of nutrients in foods and are essential for good health."

When from grassfed cows, benefits include cancer-fighting Conjugated Lineoleic Acid:

"More Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA):

Pasture-grazed cows have more CLA in their milk than grain fed cows and our lab tests show our ghee has more CLA than plain butter. CLA is an antioxidant and essential fatty acid that has been getting a lot of attention lately. In animal studies, it reportedly exhibits anticarcinogenic and other beneficial physiological effects."

Cows on Pasture
WHY Cook with Ghee?

"Ghee is one of the best oils for cooking. It stimulates digestive fire (or Agni) according to Ayurveda. It has a very high smoke point (~485°F) and its chemical structure does not change at high heat. When you cook with ghee, there is no hissing, popping or splattering. It produces sweet aroma when heated. You use less than half of other oils and it enhances the flavor of food."

OTHER Benefits-  What?  Ghee can improve my complexion or heal my dry skin?  YES!

 "Ayurvedic Usage

A ghee which has been properly washed accordingly to Ayurvedic specifications is very beneficial in healing the skin. A small amount of ghee applied to belly button nourishes the entire body and is especially helpful is healing dried lips. Ghee has slightly alkalizing effect on the body whereas butter has a slightly acidifying effect. Ghee is widely used in Ayurvedic massages and supplements. Ghee keeps skin soft, smooth and lubricated. "

For me, I mostly use Ghee for frying- especially for eggs.  And I really enjoy spreading it on coconout flour pancakes- I feel like i'm eating butter toffee- such a rich flavor!

For more uses and information about Ghee visit the Pure Indian Foods website!  

I asked Sandeep, the owner of Pure Indian Foods, if I could do a blog article about their Ghee products!  He gave permission to use the photos and information from their website. Thank you Sandeep!   I'm so happy to support a small business and family owned farm and company!   Thank you for producing a High quality organic Ghee that I can be happy to share with my family and recommend to friends!

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