Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gluten and Dairy Intolerance Everywhere- OH MY!! How To Finally HEAL YOUR HEALTH

Do you or someone you know suffer from Eczema, Food Intolerances or Auto-immune disorders, like Rheumatoid Arthritis? 
Look Familiar?

There is a strategic healing protocol that can help you HEAL and REVERSE these "life sentence" symptoms.

You can learn all about the basics of healing these symptoms in a new online  12 week cooking and health class that starts April 6th!- for a  limited time only sign up before March 31st- and once you sign up you have lifetime access to online cooking demos, recipes and a supportive forum discussion.

I'm looking forward to learning more about the gut healing protocol through this practical online class-  I know several people who are suffering from food intolerance- it seems as if it's effecting more and more people around me-everywhere I turn- I have friends who are gluten or dairy intolerant- along with family members who suffer from debilitating rheumatoid arthritis, inconvenient asthma attacks- or eczema flare ups.

I hope to increase my knowledge of the complex gut health issues that seems to be affecting so many around me- and as well as how it may apply to my own health and my own life-  over the past year- I've had on and off recurring joint stiffness-  I've been an investigator into my own health- and hope to come out of this class with more tools to increase my own immune system and health- and be able to help others understand that there is A WAY to heal from these annoying health issues!

Did you know that gut health- as in- that long tube that digests and absorbs nutrients- is where our immune system is centered?   If you can heal the gut- you can heal the body- and the immune system.

This online real food cooking course- talks all about how to heal these symptoms - starting with you or your kids gut health!    

Have you or a child taken antibiotics?...
...and never seem to have gotten your health back after taking them?
 Antibiotics can wipe out healthy gut flora- leaving your gut victim to yeast or bad bacteria overgrowth- causing a downward spiral in immune function- or constant sickness.

I'm looking forward to learning more about this from AnnMarie- a real food blogger and mother who reversed her own rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis- and  reversed her gluten intolerance through "Healing and Sealing" her gut! 

 Often times, these health symptoms are a disorder of leaky gut- which is quite common,  if you can heal the gut lining from leaking food proteins, allergens, heavy metals, etc- you can remove the allergies, inflammation and detox symptoms- like eczema and asthma.  The body cleanses "foreign invaders" through the skin and lungs- and it's a sign that the gut is leaking- and the bodies immune system marks these proteins that leak into the blood system as "foreign invaders"  and activates the immune response-  which in this type of case- can lead to auto-immune disorders where the body marks it's own cells as "invaders."

This  online class will make the learning and healing process much more simple- and provided recipes, and "how-to's" and online support to make healing your own health much more manageable!

Here is a short intro video to AnnMarie's online class to see if it's right for you:

This is the place to start if you feel overwhelmed!   I'm excited to learn more about healing these symptoms- and learn more about how to realistically implement a heal your gut protocol!

 SIGN UP HERE!!!!!!   Use the Coupon Code HEAL   with the link on this page  for 20% OFF   Expires March 28th-  so don't miss out on this discount!!!

See you in class!!

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