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Preparing Your Real Food Kitchen for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year this year is on February 3rd, 2011. This year is the lucky year of the RABBIT.   Chinese New Year is a time celebrated as a renewal, and is a great time to channel good luck! Let's get our REAL food kitchens ready for a New Year!

  I like preparing for Chinese New Year, because, i'm honestly not very good at getting ready for our standard New Years Day- January 1st. That time of year, i'm busy with family, out of town, or distracted by the fancies of Christmas decorations still in my home.  Chinese New Year is just the NEW start I need- when I'm bogged down by the duldrums of a grey-skied January.  I can prepare for a new start by getting my house ready for a traditional new year!

In my head, I plan to do a few posts about preparing our kitchens, homes and lives for the Chinese New Year. If we start now, we'll be ready to welcome HEALTH, Prosperity and good fortune into our lives! Today is the 22nd, so we have 12 lucky days to get ready!

Real Food Kitchen Tips for
 the Chinese New Year

We are going to purge our kitchens of old energy, old food, last years health issues, and WELCOME the NEW energy, vibrant health, and wholesome food!

  • Well start easy,  Clear off your fridge! Make your fridge front a blank slate. If there is clutter on your fridge, you won't be able to welcome new experiences! If it's clear, you will get new ideas, new photos and experiences, and new to-do lists ;)!    Toss the sticky notes, file away the photos. BONUS ITEM:   Clear off the top of your Fridge! 

  • LET GO of old empty bottles, containers, wrappers, baggies. It's OK, you aren't going to need that empty spray bottle, or jar with a missing lid. Toss them in the recycling. We can start new! If we clear out the clutter, we are making room for better things in our lives!   BONUS ITEM:  Throw out those baggies that have "just a little bit" of  ______ left in them.

  • FRIDGE:  Sometimes we have jars or bottles of __________ (fill in the blank : Jam, apple butter, syrup, sauce.) They might sit there for months at a time. It's time to get the OLD food out. If you don't want to waste it, NOW is the time to use it up. Then let's give the jars a clean scrub! -Ready to be filled with new foods.  BONUS:  Really, throw out those leftovers, especially by the 1st of February, so you have time to have all the dishes clean and stored by the 2nd, so you aren't doing dishes on the 3rd.  If you even have these, throw out ketchup packets, or other "little things" that have been sitting there for months unused.
  • More FRIDGE:  Toss half eaten apples, wilted veggies, sprouting onions or potatoes. Then give those produce droors a clean soapy scrub! Do the same for cheese and meat droors. Toss any molding foods and clean anywhere they were touching.

  • Clean ingredients for a clean body! Toss or Donate (if unopened), anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup,  Hydrogenated Oil, Artificial Sweeteners, Food Coloring Additives.  These ingredients clog up our body, and therefore are clogging up our lives. It's time to let them go.

  • Sort your UTENSIL droor.  It's time to dump out the crumbs laying underneath your forks! Nothing like clean, sorted utensils, to welcome the clean sorted energy in our lives. These are the tools we feed our bodies with, so they should be clean and happy for us to use!
Time to REFILL
  • Now that we've cleared out. Let's FILL UP.  It's symbolic of good health and prosperity to have full cupboards  and a FULL fridge on Chinese New Year's Day. We will need to prepare for this, by filling up and planning to have nourishing foods in our cupboards.  It's bad luck to have empty jars or containers.  FILL up the jars and bottles in our cupboards and counters with gorgeous foods for us to thrive on.
  • The day before Chinese New Year, get all your cooking for the next day done. It's not good luck to cook on this day.
  • The day before, have all your dishes and cleaning done. It's not good to do dishes or sweep on Chinese New Years, or you might be "Sweeping out, pouring down, or throwing out the GOOD luck!"  Prepare to have all this done in Advance.
Your Kitchen Environment

  •  It's good luck to have a bowl of Oranges or Tangerines out, they are symbolic of gold. The number 8 and 9 are lucky, so try to have a bowl of 9 oranges out!
  • Empty the Trashcan before Chinese New Years Day. You don't want last years trash hanging out do you?

  • Get a new plant! Put a new plant in the East of your kitchen or another room in the house, which is the spot symbolizing health & family relationships. 

Odds N Ends
  • Clean out droors and throw out odd items, unmatched lids, broken utensils, the plethora of unused rubber bands, get the idea!
  • Recycle Old Water Filters
  • Properly Recycle used EFC Light bulbs @ any Home Depot.
  • Let's Add to this list-  what things are you going to clear in your kitchen to welcome a vibrant and healthy Chinese New Year?!

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