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Nourishing Creations Top FIVE

First, I'd like to thank all my readers, new and returning!   2010 has been an exciting year for Nourishing Creations!    I've had this food blog since 2006, it started as a hobby, but has documented my journey from a low-fat health educator, into a REAL food and nutrition educator!  Here I've shared my first gallon of raw milk, my first full fat recipes, and my first time experiments with sprouting and soaking grains! 2010 is the year that together we took  big leaps forward into the Nourishing world of traditional preparing, cooking and eating!  

How I Chose REAL Food
 I've been interested in traditional food and nutrition since, October of 2008, when I read Nina Planck's book, Real Food.     Previous to that, I was interested in healthy eating, cooking and nutrition, and completed my bachelors degrees in Health Education and Nutrition in 2007.    I worked as a health educator, teaching the ways of the government mandated health policies aka "low-fat."    Since these times, I've transitioned my life, and my training, into "politically incorrect" nutrition!  The ways of real food, and traditional diets truly make sense-  and I knew that this was the real way the human body was designed to be eating!  I knew this because of my background in nutrition from college, that this makes sense scientifically- and I know based on my own experiences and health improvements from eating real food!   You need FAT to absorb fat soluble vitamins and to absorb and utilize minerals!  period!  No science can refute this!    If you cut fat out of your diet-  you ARE malnourished!     Vitamins and minerals are bound up in fats! If you take the fats out,  then you take out the nutrients!   I know I don't want "low quality" aka "low fat"  foods, and you shouldn't either!

Plans for 2011
2011 has lots in store and I'm excited to share more recipes, creations and discussions with you!   I truly appreciate all the comments, feedback and questions from YOU!   You keep me going and every click, i'm glad you are here!    Please let me know what topics you would like to hear more about  in 2011!

  A few topics I plan to write on include,  Nourishing Convenience Foods (how to make ahead and package foods for on the-go days!), Preconception Diets and Lifestyle Changes, Fertility Foods,  Maximizing your Nutrient Stores, Healthy Home Environments, Preparing for Pregnancy through Food, Simple foods to Nourish your children, Make-Ahead Meals, Kitchen Tips,  and I also want to do a few book reviews- because there are some books i'm reading that make me jump out of my seat with excitement to share what is inside of these treasured books!

And Now......Thanks to You, here is
 Nourishing Creations top FIVE most viewed Recipes!!!

#5  How TO Make Water Kefir   A simple, refreshing, probiotic drink you can make at home.

#4  Simple Yogurt 101
   The Basic food you need to make at home to save money and ensure it's free of corn syrups and artificial colorings! No yogurt maker required!

#3  Smoked Salmon and Chive Cheeseball with ROE
   Fancy, make ahead party snack!

#2 Coconut Macaroons and How to Use up Egg Whites
   Grain free cookies that use up extra egg whites we accumulate in our real food kitchens!


#1     Soaked Oat BLENDER Pancakes!    We know we like our recipes simple and easy- no bowl needed!

I hope you enjoy making these favorite recipes into the new year!    Make Sure you sign up for email updates HERE so that you don't miss any of the new posts for the new year!!


~Nourishing Creations~

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Doodles said...

quite interested in some foods on the go. we kayak and I'm always stumped for snacks. Nuts are out because of husbands digestion. It's usually cheese and cracker blah!!

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