Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kefir Grains Shipped to You!

***I've temporarily removed the ordering link while I catch up on orders I currently have.  Grains can't keep up! Sorry for the inconvenience!***

Please include your address on the note or send it to me by email at NourishingCakes at gmail dot com
Cost includes packaging and shipping in USA only!
(* I had to change the prices slightly, because previous cost was not covering the paypal fees, and occasional extra shipping costs depending on location. Thanks for understanding!)

Milk Kefir Grains are loved and cared for in healthy, clean grass-fed raw milk. They will adapt to any type of dairy milk except ultra-pasteurized. Can be converted for use in Goat's milk!

Water Kefir Grains are loved and fed with organic evaporated cane juice and spring water.

Want to see a MAP of everywhere I've sent Kefir Grains?!  Check out this  MAP!

View Kefir Sharing Map in a larger map

If you share from my starter, let me know and I'll add a pin point to the map! Let's share kefir with the world!

If you want to learn how to make Water Kefir, check out my  simple instructions with pictures!

Instructions on how to make milk kefir are on their way!


Jessica @ said...
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Elizabeth said...

Yes! Just email me your address to Nourishingcakes at gmail dot com

Nikki Adams said...

I have kefir grains for goats milk. Are these for cow's....or does it matter? The goats milk farmer I bought them from tells me I can't use them in cow's milk. Is that true?

Elizabeth said...

Kefir grains will adapt to any type of milk. (except ultra-pastuerized!)

You can use them for goat's milk. It might take a batch or two for them to adjust. If you need to rinse the cow milk off because of a sensitivity, only use spring water, tap water will likely kill them.

Elizabeth said...

These milk kefir grains have been only ever in grass-fed raw cow's milk. They are very healthy and grow fast if cared for and fed often!

My friend I obtained the starter from also, only ever used the same milk!

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