Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pink Vanilla Buttercream Organic Cake

Pink Vanilla Buttercream Cake made for my little one's birthday party!  

Organic Vanilla Cake with strawberry puree in the batter to make it "pink".
  Filled with raspberry puree and whipped cream. 

Topped with Buttercream Cream Cheese colored naturally by Raspberry juice.

Cake made with organic flours, natural sweeteners, pasture raised eggs, and grassfed butter.

Topped with Raspberries and evaporated powdered cane juice- you can mix this with arrowroot powder to reduce the sugar you use!

Yum!  Enjoy!


Katherine said...

So nice to make a quality homemade cake than a generic store bought one. Shows how much you really love Jade.

Holly said...

Would you happen to have the recipe? My daughter is turning 4 on 12/23 and I want to maker her cake. This looks so good!

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