Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who Stole the Cheese? Save OUR Farmers!

Farm Raids:  Morningland Dairy and Estrella Family Creamery.

There have been a lot of  farm raids in the past 6 months- and something stinky is going on around here in the USA!   FDA officials have served warrants, knocked on farmers doors at the early hours disturbing unsuspecting local farmers, and demanded healthy nourishing foods to be destroyed without justified cause.

   This issue is close to my heart, as our Amish Farmer was raided and spied on by agents earlier this year. He is a gentle peaceful farmer who cares for his farm and supports his family off of his land.  It infuriated me when I found out agents came to his farm, unannounced at 5 in the morning during "normal" business hours. The agents terrified his children and family. His children asked, "Is daddy going to jail?"   That's when I broke into tears- because this kind, and peaceful man who raises his animals in a natural and healthy way- supports and provides food for many people- including my child who thrives on food and dairy from his farm.

Estrella Cheesewheel- ALL ordered to be destroyed!

   We have to protect our local farmers who provide us the clean, health building foods that our families and our nation needs to be well- and to raise up a well formed and nourished future generation.  If WE don't stop this from happening NOW, then who will?   We must ensure access to healthy local foods for ourselves, the farmers, and the future generation. We have the RIGHT to choose and EAT healthy nutrient dense foods!  No more bullying our farmers!

The Farms:   Morningland Dairy of Mountain View, Missouri and Estrella Family Creamery of Montesano, Washington--face upcoming legal battles which could result in court orders for each dairy to destroy its entire cheese inventory for allegedly being adulterated. The FDA is now taking aim at raw cheese producers and has created a climate of fear among those who make farmstead cheese for a living. The agency's longterm goal is to eliminate access to raw dairy products. Read "FDA's Ace in the Hole" at

Morningland Dairy is being ordered to destroy all $250,000 worth of cheese, despite lack of evidence of contamination. No ONE has ever gotten ill from either of these farms products.

"FDA didn't find any L-mono in the environment at the Morningland plant but it was not for lack of trying; the agency took one hundred environmental swabs in the plant, all of which came up negative."

On October 21 the United States Marshall Service executed a seizure order against the entire inventory of raw cheese located at the Estrella Family Creamery; FDA is attempting to get the dairy's cheese inventory destroyed. If the court with jurisdiction over their case rejects the claim, then their cheese will be destroyed.

Estrella Family Creamery

The Cause:   TO SAVE Family Farms and protect our right to choose and have access to local, nutrient dense pastured raised foods!

The PLAN: An Internet Mob of 50,000.  If each of the 50,000 readers gives $5.00, we can raise the money these farms need for charitable relief and legal fees.

How YOU can HELP:

  1. Sign Up on  Real Food Media Farm Raid Fund to get email alerts every time there is a farm raid and when you need to be called to action, or to support individual farmers as these issues arise.

  2.  Donate to the Morningland Dairy -even a small amount- if we all  donate $5 we can save this farm!  As a marker, the start of this post the total is $216,317 to go- lets see how it changes over the next few days as we all donate!

     CLICK on the Button to Donate!
    Click here to lend your support to: Uncheese Party and make a donation at !
  3. Donate to Estrella Family Creamery - if you support family and local foods- donate now!
    Click here to lend your support to: Help the Estrella Family Creamery and make a donation at ! Click on the Donate Button!
    Time of posting it's starting at $244,490 to go! Let's watch the donations grow!
  4. Get the word out!  We are starting a "tsunami" online with supporting this cause- you can join us in spreading the word- share this blog post, FB, Tweet, Email, Blog about it- all ways you can share to save these farms!

  5. Add the Donation Widgets to your blog by clicking on them above!

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Not Convinced?   Watch the Trailer for Farmageddon: An upcoming film that will show you the true reality of these farm raids.

Farmageddon Trailer from Kristin Canty on Vimeo.

This post is part of the  REAL FOOD MEDIA Save Farm Freedom Friday and Fight Back Friday at Food Renegade

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