Monday, September 27, 2010

Dried Fruit Rings

There is a new favorite snack in town.

 It's the season for an abundance of apples, and the winding down of soft tree fruits like peaches. Here is a great way to savor them for the season. But they won't last you long, they'll get gobbled up in a few bites!

Dried Fruit Rings:

Cute fruit of choice into slices, not too thin or they will be too dry.
Dip slices in lemon juice
Place on dehydrator sheets or oven sheets
Dehydrate over night in dehydrator or warm oven. 
Place in individual containers for a perfect on-the go snack~
Tip: You'll need to do several batches of these to maintain a stable supply of snacks! The fruit slices lose a bit of size and after one batch you'll be surprised how it only fills one little bag!

Tip:  I enjoy the star shape in the center of the apple, cut through the core horizontally for this effect. 


Gina said...

What oven temperature would you recommend?

Elizabeth said...

The lowest setting on your oven, with the door propped open with a wooden spoon. enjoy!

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