Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's Going in The Garden?

We've had a rough year for a garden, from bunnies, squirrels, too much rain, blossom rot and more! But here are a few of our successes!
Litttle teeny watermelon, hoping it has time to grow bigger!

We've probably had a lot of tomatoes, but they get snatched by my 2 yr old as soon as they turn remotely orange!
Hoping for carrots! These were from seeds my daughter planted!
One successful Long cucumber, we've had about 3 little lemon cuc's also.
 And basil is fairly abundant on my back porch, even survived us being away for a while!

Hoping for more production from the garden, and trying to keep that bunny out!! It pushed the fence down and munched my green pepper starts off!! :( 

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