Friday, June 25, 2010

A Wiser Food Pyramid

This pyramid is an example of a more nourishing food plan. The USDA has recently drafted their new 2010 food pyramid. It limits fats even more (is that possible?) and promotes the commodity foods of big business. When people cut fats out of their diet, it leaves them hungry and unsatisfied wanting cravings for chips, sweets and processed foods. When you cut fats out, you aren't obtaining or absorbing fat soluble vitamins which are necessary for every cell in your body. Ever wonder why we have increasing rates of infertility, tooth decay, poor eyesight, allergies, asthma and a number of chronic diseases? All the while people have been cutting nutrient dense fats out of their diet in exchange for processed modern foods. Not any fats will do, the sources of these fats make them nourishing. Grass-fed animal foods, like dairy and meat, and pasture raised eggs. Also, unrefined coconut oil. These are nourishing foods that will restore optimal health to our society and to a future generation.
TO learn more about the new USDA draft and the alternative to a "balanced" nutrient dense traditional diet, see this link here: (link removed bc of malware)
I highly recommend you read this link, along with comparing it to the USDA guidelines. You can submit comments about how a low-fat diet hasn't served you well, or any other opinions you have through the link at the bottom of the page on the above link.

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