Friday, April 16, 2010

Real Quesadillas, Budget Friendly

One night we had tacos made from grass-fed beef ($4.00/lb. Using the leftovers, I added soaked black beans, and corn.
I heated a pan, added some lard, and heated the whole wheat tortillas (which ideally would be from sprouted wheat, but in this case, they weren't.) I turned the tortilla to heat both sides, then I covered the tortilla with real cheese from grass-fed cows, then filled it with the beef, beand and corn mixture. Folded in in half and let it brown till crispy on the outside.
Served with organic sour cream, spinach, tomatoes and avocado on the side.
Grass-fed ground beef....2.00 (because we only used half of the pound in this recipe
Refried Black Beans....from a previous batch
Corn...a little portion from frozen ...maybe .40 cents worth
Tortillas 2.00 (4 tortillas used from a pack of eight)
Avocado 1.00
Tomato/spinach 1.00
Sour cream .50 worth
Cheese 1.00 worth

A approximate total of $7.90!

My goal in sharing these meals is to show that eating pastured meats and local, real food can be cost effective and fit into any family's budget! (note: the avocado is not local! nor the winter tomato!)

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