Tuesday, April 20, 2010


"Symptoms are not enemies to be destroyed but cherished messengers who encourage us to take good care of ourselves."
-Wise Woman Tradition

Symptoms that we experience for health issues are our bodies way of signaling needed attention and care. We can choose to heal our bodies by listening to the problem and our bodies, seek out the foods and wellness methods (sleep, water, herbs, physical activity) that our body may be in need of. We should always start with the healing steps rather than jumping to steps that "cover-up" our symptoms.

So often people turn to medications as a "first step." I don't believe that the body's signal is telling us "get me some pills!" We can take other steps before turning to medications. Our bodies are capable of much self-healing if we listen and take care of our bodies needs.

1. Do Nothing- really. Turn off the phone, take some time off of work, actively do nothing.

2.Collection Information- record your feelings, symptoms, listen to your body. What have you done recently to trigger the symptom? Search the internet for information, talk to friends or family who might know more. (Other methods would be to record how the symptoms are changing, recording other body functions, temperatures, etc.) Is there anything in your environment contributing to the symptom?

3.Engage your bodies energy. What emotions are you experiencing? What is your body telling you that it needs? Take a bath. Be thankful for the time you are giving yourself for your own wellness.

4. Nourish and Movement. Feed yourself nourishing food. Remove processed, sugary foods. Replace them with freshly made, nutrient rich, easily digestable meals. Move your body and your mind. Take a walk, do yoga or garden outside.

5. Stimulate the body. Alternative Therapies: Massage Therapy, Chiropratic, Acupunture. Herbal remedies. Don't become dependent on these, and remember to rely on steps 1-4.

6. Supplements. Vitamin, minerals, herbals, capsules.

7. Drugs. Over the counters, prescriptions, hormonals.

8. Entering the body. Surgeries, injections, IV's.

This is an appropriate model to follow when there are health symptoms. It can help open your mind to healing and allow you to resonate with your bodies real needs behind the symptoms.

I hope you enjoy and refer back to this when you need it.


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