Thursday, March 4, 2010

Raw Milk on The Food Network

The Raw Truth about Raw Milk

This is what I go through to get raw milk, right here in the state of Maryland! IT's worth every drop. It's improved my health and my family's health. It's a huge paradigm shift, because Americans have been programmed to fear this real food. I was afraid at first too. When you learn the truth, and try it for yourself, it's liberating! Raw milk helped my daughter finally grow hair, among helping her have strong white teeth. The ample amounts of bioavailable unheated vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics are healing. It has been part of helping me cure my tooth decay from a malnourished childhood. (Ie: white sugar/flour/juice diet of childhood.) Since drinking raw milk, and other nourishing real foods, I no longer have tooth decay. I no longer get stomach aches from dairy products like I used to with pastuerized or low-fat milk. This is real milk, the unprocessed way!

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