Monday, March 29, 2010

Joel Salatin

I was fortunate to meet farmer Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms He is one of the now famous faces of the local food revolution. He's mentioned in Michal Pollan's books, in FRESH! the movie, and in Food, Inc. Those of us who attended this event were able to hear from him. He's pretty funny to listen to, and he presents this current food crisis in a refreshing and funny way- while still being serious about the topic at hand. My favorite quote from him that evening was "Food Safety is all about Faith. Who do you trust? HoHo's and Twinkies or Raw milk?"

"A good rule would be to avoid food that's been created before 1900, that would be a good cut-off point. Good thing hot dogs were introduced in the world fair in 1890!"

"Our government has determined that feeding your kids HoHo cakes and Twinkies are safe, but that compost grown tomato, and raw milk, and homemade pickles- now that might kill ya. We've confused sterility with safety."

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outsiderein said...

I love Joel. He strikes me as a very real, genuine person with a LOT of passion. Would love to meet him someday.

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