Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Metal Toxicity may ruin your ability to digest fats.

Big Fat Problem

To metabolize fat we need lipoic acid, which is yet another critical vita-nutrient that is poisoned by toxic metals. Failure to properly digest fat is an increasingly common problem and one of the key reasons some people decide that a traditional high-fat diet is “not for them.” Although loss of the ability to digest fat may follow from years on a low-fat diet, this isn’t a simple question of “use it or lose it.” People who stuff themselves with bad fats or seek to avoid all fats are more likely to accumulate toxic metals, which, in turn, will affect their ability to properly digest, assimilate and utilize fats. Loss of lipoic acid to metal toxicity interferes with energy production, toxin cleanup operations, blood sugar regulation and maintenance of a healthy weight.31

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