Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Cake Price List

2010 Nourishing Creations Cake Price List.

Prices may vary based on seasonal prices and ingredients used.

Cakes (includes most filling and frosting)

· 8-inch round (serves 12 adults) $46.00

· 9-inch round (serves 14 adults) $54.00

· 10-inch (serves 18-20 adults) $64.00-$70

· 12-inch (serves 30 adults) $84.00

· 1/2 Sheet 12’’x18’’ (serves up to 40) $78.00-$95

· Fruit Tarts $28.00- Seasonal Fruits may vary.

· Cupcake and Pie orders available upon request.

· Quiche $29.00
-Made using pastured hen eggs, fresh grass-fed cream and milk, organic butter, cheeses, and your choice of organic vegetables. Nitrate free meats, pastured sausage, ham 3.00 extra.

All of Nourishing Creations foods and cakes are made using the highest quality nourishing ingredients. All orders are customized by you! Call or email today to place your order. Cakes require approximately 2 weeks advance ordering to ensure all the farm food orders have time to
be filled.
Quiches, Pizzas, Fruit Tarts and Pies need 4 days-1 week advance ordering.

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