Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Which Butter is Better?

Notice how white and pasty that industrial butter looks next to these better bright yellow butters!

It's true, butter is better! It's one of the best choices for cooking, and it the ultimate all-natural way to add savor to your foods. There is a reason it tastes soo good to us, because, believe it or not (!) our bodies need it! We need high quality fats to absorb fat soluble vitamins (A,D, E & K.) Veggies need fat with them so we can utilize their nutrients! Plus there is nothing more unpalatable than steamed veggies w/o butter! (Well, at least compared to having them with some butter and sea salt!) Kids need these fats for their rapid growth and to help them absorb vitamin D for their bone development. These fats are essential for proper eye development and their brain growth. We can all use the valuable fats in butter to repair cell damage and help us utilize calcium and vitamin D to strengthen our own bones!

from eatwild.com

Not all butters are created equal. These are a few examples of different butters. You can tell how vibrant the butter is that comes from pasture raised cows. That means it's full of vitamins from the rapidly growing green grass the cows are eating! Those cows make quite an amazing conversion for us! Living green grass to vitamin A, E, D, carotene, CLA and Omega 3's! It's really the nutritionally superior choice!

The industrial butter just can't compare in flavor or color. It usually comes from feed lot cows who eat an unnatural diet of soybeans and corn. It's really unfortunate. The cows don't like that food, and it's obvious in the less than glowing butter they produce. I've actually seen a brand of industrial butter that added "coloring" and "natural flavors" to it! Yuck! Butter that has to mimic itself is not real butter.

I suggest choosing the butter that appeals most to you in flavor and color. Aim for butter from cows raised on pasture in an additive free environment. Next best is "organic" butter. In the photo the organic butter is from Trader Joes, its not guaranteed pasture raised, but it certainly looks and tastes better than the Land o Lakes industrial butter. The cost is minimal when it comes to the benefits you are getting from the pure, pasture butters. (And its worth it in what you won't be getting from the industrial butter- hormones, antibiotics, pesticide residue from their unnatural feeds.) Try some brilliant yellow butter from pasture fed cows! It's the best choice!


Media Planning said...

Did you cut into the various butters and compare the color on the inside. Some of the very yellow ones look oxidized to me.

Elizabeth said...

They were all just barely unwrapped. I'll cut into them for you next time. They really are *that* yellow.

susan ventura said...

i've read that some people don't recommend organic valley, but can't recall why. any ideas?

Elizabeth said...

Susan, I wrote this blog post over a year ago- and that was when there was no trouble with organic valley. Others aren't recommending organic valley because they stopped allowing their small farmers to sell raw milk on the side to local customers. It's still a much better option than land o lakes!

susan ventura said...

thanks elizabeth! i'm remembering now. i agree it's still better than land o'lakes, or the "light butter" my sister had on the table at Christmas!

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