Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Fragrance" added to carton Orange Juice...All you need to know about OJ

Pasteurized OJ- the truth revealed!

It's a misconception that it's freshly squeezed from the groves of Florida,"

Rather, it's often a heavily processed product. In the pasteurization process, it's heated, stripped of oxygen and flavor chemicals, then put in huge storage vats for up to a year. When it's ready for packaging, flavor derived from orange essence and oils is added to make it taste fresh. Each company has its own special flavor pack, but to call it natural at this point is a real stretch, she said.

The phrase "not from concentrate" came about when Tropicana (an NFC juice) suddenly had to compete with similar looking cartons that were reconstituted from concentrate. The phrase was introduced to try to make consumers pay more for a product that is more expensive to manufacture but not fresher, said Hamilton. Orange "flavor" isn't listed on the label ingredients because that disclosure isn't required.

What usually happens today is that in order to have a 365-day supply of orange juice, the big brands are storing their product for up to a year. They store them in these huge aseptic storage tanks — that means the juice is stripped of oxygen before going into the tank so that it doesn’t oxidize in the tank and go bad. When the juice is stripped of oxygen, it is also stripped of flavor-providing chemicals. The companies then hire flavor and fragrance companies to engineer flavor packs to add back to the juice to make it taste fresh. You can see in the name the whole idea behind the slogan “not from concentrate” — it is a better, higher-quality, fresher juice than from concentrate, with the idea that from-concentrate is an inferior product. But in fact, not-from-concentrate juice is also a heavily processed product. Many of the ads show the oranges being squeezed and then going right into the carton or a straw punctured into an orange suggesting that this is pretty much straight from the tree, but it’s not.

I was also surprised by this letter written by Tropicana about their "natural ingredients **not found in regular orange juice.)


Molly said...

So then, is it better to buy the kind from concentrate, or does that have additives too? Given the expense of fresh oranges (even in So Cal they're not cheap) I'm not very likely to squeeze my own, except for when I might need a small amount for cooking.

Elizabeth said...

I suppose frozen concentrate wouldn't require the preservatives or aseptic packaging. I think it would be the safer option.

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