Friday, October 16, 2009

Nourishing Our Children Presentation

Good news! I will be teaching a childrens health presentation! I'm so excited. This is a well attended event and I'm looking forward to it. This is my passion and I'm excited to share the information with many people!

Join us for a Free presentation debunking the myths surrounding traditional foods. Come to learn what foods support the optimal health of your children. Supporters and skeptics welcome!

*How do butter, whole milk, and egg yolks nourish your body?

*How do you determine which foods are stripped of nutritional value even though they are labeled "organic," "natural" or "fortified?"

*What foods are vital to the growth and brain development of your children?

*What are some practical steps to feeding your family delicious andnutritious foods?

Health Promotion Specialist
Nourishing Foods Chef

1 comment:

candace said...

I wish I could come to this! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your cakes all look amazing, by the way! I am in SLC. Christian has 1 year left of grad school. Those photos where of mountains near Logan--I went to school at USU...and am always finding myself missing Cache Valley when September comes around!

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