Monday, August 31, 2009

just a bit of info about milk

Pasteurized/homogenized milk. This commercially available food is frequently tied to allergic reactions and symptoms such as recurrent ear infections21 and eczema22 just to name a few. What is often misunderstood by most parents is that pasteurized/homogenized milk is a vastly different product than nourishing, nutrient-dense, enzyme-filled raw milk from animals roaming on pasture. Not only are there healthy bacteria in raw milk that keep it clean, the intact enzymes the raw variety contains are essential for its digestion and assimilation. This is exactly why so many people who are labeled "lactose intolerant" can usually tolerate raw milk from cows or goats beautifully.23 However, there are those who still do react adversely to dairy even if it is raw, so evaluate your individual response.

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Elen said...

Interesting! I"m glad to know.

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