Monday, August 17, 2009

I can and have cured my tooth decay.

Today I'm one of those people who "doesn't get cavities."

I have some good news, that's changed my mindset. Today I went to the
dentist. After my appt I asked him if his office offered any nutritional or otherwise
therapies to help people stop getting cavities. He said yes, and I said,
well I've already been doing nutritional therapy for this for 2 years
on my own- so maybe I need it more intensesly. He said to me "I don't think that cavities are something
you need to be concerned about." WHAT?! Me? My whole life
I've always had cavities. So my mindset has always been i'm just one
of those ppl who always gets em. I asked him again, "So do you think
I'm at a point- where....I Won't get cavities?" He said "Yes."
So. I'm overjoyed. I have to have a mind shift. I need to stop
thinking about always having them, To think, "I'm one of those people
who doesn't get cavities!" He said, "the cavity you had today
wasn't nearly a cavity anyway, it was a previous filling that wasn't
filled all the way."
SO hooray! I had to share my good news!

1 comment:

Ross and Aubrey said...

Good for you! That's huge :)

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