Sunday, August 30, 2009

Full Genetic Potential

Traditional peoples knew that wellness starts before conception. When both parents-to-be practice a time-tested preconceptual nutrition program prior to conceiving a child, they ensure that they will be able to supply the optimal building materials for new life. When this is followed by continued rich diet of the mother during breastfeeding (or feeding with nutrient-rich formula alternative made with whole food ingredients), and appropriate nutrition throughout the formative years of the child, physical development proceeds perfectly according to the blueprint in the DNA. The child has a wide skull with plenty of room for the brain, glands, sinuses, jaw and all the teeth (including wisdom teeth). When the secondary teeth come in, they are straight and don't need orthodontics. The smile is beautiful naturally. Cavities can't gain a foothold even with minimal dental hygiene because the enamel is rock hard, as are all the bones of the body. Boys develop into men with broad shoulders and naturally powerful physiques. Girls develop into women with strong bones, perfectly timed onset of menses, and wide hips for easy childbirth. Robust constitutions are the rule, and there is a natural resistance to colds, as well as diseases of all kinds. Do you see contrasts with today's children?

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