Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can you live and eat without a grocery store?

For one month this summer I wanted to try to eat without a grocery store. This would mean, all local food! I've attempted it for the month of july, but I wasn't very strict about it. I think it's possible and I still have yet to go a whole month without the store (things like diapers, wipes and string cheese (and breakfast cereal unfortunately- I have to let Waylon eat what he wants :) keep me going back to the grocery store!)
Here's my attempt at one week without the grocery store:

We are very lucky two have two local vegetable farms/roadside farms within a mile of our house! The fruit, vegetables and Fresh flowers was only $25!~

The dairy is from a farmer. These foods totaled about $50 plus a small delivery charge.
So total cost for a week of fresh local food = $75

I always spend more than this if I go to the grocery store. Understanding, for that week, I already had meats in the freezer and grains in the cabinet. :)

As a family we drink a lot of milk, and we are now up to about 3 gallons a week. I would have never imagined the day when I was one of those mom's bringing home 3 gallons of milk, and at times having 4 jugs in my fridge! Jade and Waylon drink the most of the milk, but I help out as well. We eat a lot of eggs, although that is mostly Jade and I. We are home so we have time to make eggs in the morning. Waylon prefers cereal, and I don't like waking up early to make him eggs. So he misses out except for on the weekends. Jade is Obsessed with eggs! She see's the container and yells "EGGGS!" and she wants to take them all out. She thinks all eggs are hard-boiled, so this is not ok! She loves to peel hard boiled eggs by herself and doesn't like anyone to help her.
Next we eat a lot of meats, then fruits and vegetables. I feel so much stronger and better the less processed foods I have. I'm not uptight and I still eat fast food if we are on the go, but I notice a change in my body as I eliminate the toxins and sugar, when I eat those again, my body notices. Before, my body was adapting to the junk and I had no idea that it was gunking up my insides.
I'm glad to live in a place where I can get these foods to close to me!

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Molly said...

What did you do with the patty pan squash? I got some of those from the Farmers' Market. So last night I sauteed cubes of them with onions and put them in calzones with pesto, homemade ricotta and swiss cheese. That was a pretty good treatment for summer squash.

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