Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tooth Decay & Personal Responsibility, my story

Recently I've been learning more about curing and healing tooth decay. I've learned that most tooth decay is caused by nutritional deficiency and from processed modern foods. Flouride in water and brushing isn't the cure, it's just a bandaid provided to cover up our modern day processed food diets. Flouride ingested into the body may even be contributing to tooth decay. It binds with minerals which are excreted from our bones, weakening our bones.
In my life I've had tooth decay---forever. I think I was born with tooth decay if I can claim that. My childhood consists of many traumatizing visits to the dentist. I eventually became a "perfect" dental patient and would sit there in the chair clasping my hands together and sitting still during every new dental procedure. I remember many nights screaming in pain going to the doctor for emergency visits. One time I had a tooth ache and my entire right cheek swelled because of infection in my tooth. I also remember my teeth chipping often, one vivid memory I was eating apple slices and my molar just chipped off, on an APPLE!? I had weak teeth- not because it was genetic, because I was undernourished.
As far as I can remember, I had a cap or filling on every single baby tooth, maybe not the bottom front ones. When I started getting adult teeth, probabaly by the time I was oh 14 or so, I had fillings in every adult tooth except the bottom front six teeth and two teeth on top. Now it's takes a lot to admit my oral story. It's kind of frustrating, embarrassing, and I experience many more emotions when I think, talk or learn more about it.
I've come to a point in my life where I accept personal responsibility for my health, and my child's health. We live in a society where we don't accept this responsibility and there is always so "external" cause for our poor health, whether it be the "bacteria" that cause tooth decay (false) or the environment that caused infections, deformities, etc.
If poor health is a part of our lives or our childrens lives, first we need to accept personal responsibility for that. It may we something we did or didn't do that caused it. In many cultures, if a child is born with a deformity or with poor health for example- it is known that it is because the parent didn't do alll they should have to ensure their child would be nourished in every way and protected from harmful substances.
Today I feel we live in a state of being where everything else is to blame except ourselves. We have lost sight of what it means to be healthy. Now it's something you buy in a box. And if you don't have "it" it's something that is the lastest, virus or bacteria's fault, or your doctors fault.
I am on a journey to find good health in my life. My body has never really been nourished with what it really needs. I grew up on a modern processed food diet. My parents didn't know better, that was what ws available to them, and what I "wanted" as a child. They raised me during the "low-fat" craze, when fat is what a growing child needs. I remember I used to take bites out of the stick of butter. A true sign of a nutrient deficiency.
When I was about 18, I started preparing my own foods. In school I started learning about nutrtion and health. I ate a lot more vegetables and fruit. I made huge improvements in my diet, and eventually strived to have organic or less processed foods in my life. In school, I learned about nutrtion from the governments standards, which was still a huge improvement in my health. My tooth aches stopped about this time in my life. I graduated in Health Promotion. And sharing health with others became my dream.
I thought I had found health at this point in my life, living to par with the governments Dietary standards, eating whole grains, low-fat, only eating olive oil, limiting my egg yolks. But even doing that was much better than how I had grown up eating! So of course my health improved!
Later I read the Book "Real Food" by Nina Planck. It touched my life in more ways that I can ever thank her for. I was breastfeeding at the time, and her first chapter of the book is about Real Milk. Breastmilk is our first real food! She talks about all the foods one should eat to have Real nourishing breastmilk. I'll be honest. It wasn't what I was eating- which was what the government was telling me and everyone to eat. And I was teaching everyone at my my previous career to eat low-fat diets too.
I began my journey to learn about Raw milk and if it was really safe. I started drinking whole organic milk, which was a huge jump from my 1% and 2% milk. My digestive troubles quickly subsided when I even just drank whole milk! I learned the FAT is very important in helping digest the protein AND absorb vitamins A & D.
I've since then strived to find the most WHOLE traditional foods as I can. And prepare them in a way that is easy for my body to absorb the minerals I need to help my body finally be nourished! This is a very important part of healing tooth decay.
On my journey I'm at a point where I'm still trying to find ways to help my body be nourished, because right now I have a lot of toxins and heavy metals in my body from all my mercury fillings! I'm accepting personal responsibility for this, and working on finding the best way to detox from these and eventually have the fillings safely replaced to prevent myself and my duture children from being passed on heavey metal toxins from my body.
I'm striving to give my daughter whole clean foods. Her body may be little but it is strong. She has beautiful glassy white teeth, which are almost all the way straight. I am doing all I can to take responsibility for her health, especially now that I know more. She gets lots of fats that she needs in her diet, and I am finally getting the complete animal protein and fat that I've needed my whole life.
And my journey of complete health continues...


Ross and Aubrey said...

I totally agree with the flouride in the water. It's a shot gun approach way to do it.
Good for you!!

Mandy said...

I love this post! It's amazing how much better I feel knowing that my body is taking in the good stuff and not the bad stuff. Thank you for converting me!

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