Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mercury in fillings...

The FDA bans use of mercury in or around animals and states the damages of mercury caused to all mammals. BUT they don't regulate mercury (50%) fillings going into humans. It's a crime in my opinion. With much force and lawsuits, on July 18th 2009 merucry might *finally* be banned in fillings.
Here's the article:

Some excerpts that really opened my eyes:

" Interestingly, the FDA policies ignore warnings from the Environmental Protection Agency that one in seven American women of childbearing age has so much mercury she is at risk of having a brain-damaged child. "

"After my organization, Consumers for Dental Choice, sued the FDA, the agency retracted its claims of amalgam’s safety from its website and issued a stark advisory: Mercury from amalgam fillings “may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses.”

"... on May 14, Congresswoman Diane Watson (D-Calif.) and Congressman Dan Burton (R-Ind.) sent a letter urging the FDA to steer consumers to safer materials. Co-signed by 17 other Members of Congress, it emphasizes that mercury from amalgam can “threaten the development of the fetus” and “pass into breast milk of the lactating mothers.” Thus, the FDA must not only ensure that all consumers know about the mercury, but the FDA must also “protect women and children from the harmful effects of mercury fillings.”

An industry analysis by J.P. Morgan predicts that the FDA will finally stop mercury amalgam fillings from going to children and pregnant women. It’s about time. The Canadian government took this action thirteen years ago.

  • For the average person, it means empowerment, access to the information we need to reject mercury fillings – and switch to mercury-free dentists.

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