Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Making Butter

Using fresh cream and a food processor makes butter making very simple! Poured the cream into the processor and turn it on! After a minute added a pinch or two of Real Salt. I think it needs about 9 minutes to turn into butter and you might have to scrape the sides to get it all beaten in. The Buttermilk seperates from the thick fluffy butter. I was able to easily pour this our and slightly strain the butter into a seperate container. If you don't have a food processor, get a jar pour it in and start shakin!    You can roll the butter into a clean towel to soak out any excess buttermilk- this will also help it last longer in the fridge.

You can use the buttermilk to add into pancakes, make biscuits or I made tartar sauce with it.

It's so yummy freshly spread on toast! Load it on! Butter is a great natural way to help your body absorb fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.
You should always have butter with your vegetables to faciliate absorbing as many vitamins and minerals as you can. Butter from grass-fed cows contains activator "X" which turns on activators for absorption and utlizing minerals. It's also a good source of vitamin A and D. The vitamin D is only present if the cream is from grass fed cows.
If you are unable to get fresh raw cream or butter, then next best option is Kerrygold Irish Grassfed Butter. It feels satisfying when you allow yourself the healthy animal fats that your body needs! Try it for yourself!


Molly said...

Do you get raw cream from the Amish farmers? If so, how long did the butter last in your fridge?

Elizabeth said...

I did get raw cream from the Amish farmer. The flavor of the butter started to change after about 6 days. So it was ok for a while. After that point i'd probably only cook with it bc I don't like the flavor of it after that time.

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