Thursday, June 4, 2009

Interested in Fertility or eating for a future baby?

There is a local fertiility specialist who is having a FREE one hour call  and sharing her wisdom and expertise that normally people who need an appointment or have to pay to learn this information.
Even if you aren't planning on having a baby right now, but maybe someday...or know someone who is trying, and just want to hear what she has to say...sign up for her free information in a one hour call!  Why not?  It's Free!
I love this kind of health and the idea of a generation of women who start nourishing thier bodies before they have children will change the next generation who is born - they have a better chance of being free from chronic disease, and a better chance of being born a healthy thriving baby free from illness.

Why not?   All you have to do it enter your email and name on her website for this call:

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