Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Amish Market=REAL food!

We went to Annapolis and found the Amish Market there. I went crazy with all the REAL food they have....some goodies I picked up on this trip:

I know I can trust the Amish farmers to produce quality real traditional food because they don't use modern novice things like pesticides, antibiotics, dyes, etc, etc, etc
We picked up pastured hen eggs, amish butter cheese, amish unsalted sweet cream butter, almond paste (YUMMMM), WHOLE MILK CREAM LINE (unhomogenized) milk from pastured cows, saurkraut, pickled asparagus, powdered buttermilk (a convenience food), and fresh pork chops!

The chocolate section

The Baking and Spices Section

The Produce section (check out those beards!)

I'm in LOVE with the Amish ways of producing food, and I hope I get to learn more about it while I live here. Traditional foods are the way to go! No processing, just the way nature intended them to be.

**note to readers** This particular Amish market isn't all high quality stuff. They do have a lot of products that are repackaged processed foods. It's important to always ask where the food comes from or how it was produced.


Molly said...

What do you do with the powdered buttermilk? I've thought about buying it, but I don't really have a use for it. In most recipes I can substitute sour milk (milk spiked with a little vinegar) for buttermilk. So I don't have to buy a big carton of buttermilk, most of which I'm going to end up throwing out. Seems to be sold only in large quantities here because no one cooks anymore.

Elizabeth said...

I just thought I could use it when I need it in recipes that call for buttermilk. It seems like one of those last minute foods I end up not buying for recipes, and I hate to not make something bc i'm lacking buttermilk. I didn't know that about spiked sour milk though. In fact I needed buttermilk to make my cake I made the other day. It was nice to just have the powder on hand and mix it with water when I need it w/o planning ahead. Same thing goes for powdered milk...but I don't have any of that yet.

Elen said...

Wow!!! It looks amazing! I totally need to come check it out sometime. You did go to town. Yay! Sounds fun--and you can eat it all and it's all healthy so a no-guilt shopping spree. :) I loved the pics! Hope you are doing well.

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