Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My life....

Since this blog is more of just *my* blog  and not my family's, I feel more inclined to write on it from a personal basis.   I know it's a food blog, but  my life is part of food anyway. :)  
   Right now, my family is planning a big move.  We are  moving from Utah to Maryland.   I have lived in Utah my entire life.  I've traveled a little bit, but I've always had Utah as my home to come back to.  I'm not sure what to expect leaving Utah on a whim  and not coming back here.   I love it here, and I'm sure I've taken it for granted-my entire life.    
   It is definitely stressful trying to adapt my life to one that involves putting everything in boxes, finishing up unfinished projects on our home,  and putting our well- adapted to house up for sale,  in hopes that someone out there will seek out a life in our soon to be empty house.   
  I feel like I can adapt to new situations, and learn to grow to like new environments, as long as there is a sturdy foundation upon which to build.    I mean this in physical terms and spiritual terms as well.     Physical terms:  I need a strong house structure to build my life upon.  Spiritual:  I need a strong connection to my God to grow from.  
   Change causes an uproar of emotional purging.  Right now I'm physically, emotionally and everything exhausted.  I feel kind of queasy thinking about all the decisons that need to be made and all the change that has to occur-  and all of the uncertainty that is before me.       But,  amongst all this chaos,  I am grateful for what is certain andd steady in my life.   God, Nature, My Family and my Friends are all constants in my life-  they are always there in one form or another, and always will be.  I may be in a different location, but these things will always be there in essence.   
   I hope I can sleep tonight.  Thanks for letting the real-me interrupt my foodieness for a while, and share some of the craziness going on inside my head. I had to get it out somewhere. 
  I need quiet. I need space. I need clarity. 

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