Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pictures from Bottling

This past harvest I was busy! This is part of the reason I slowed down on posting near the end of summer. I had boxes and boxes of fruit and tomatoes to bottle, jam, freeze and eat! This was my first year canning, and it was SO worth all the hard work and blanching!

Peaches hot off the canner, So Peachy!

What a mess! Canning salsa and tomatoes is QUITE the process!

We've been enjoying jars of salsa ever since...lycopene all year round!


Elen said...

Wow! I'm way impressed with all the canning. What I learned from my first attempt this year is that it is a lot of work, but that you really feel proud and fulfilled at the end. I'll have to ask you about the salsa sometime, that would be a nice thing to have on hand.

Elizabeth said...

No prob. We could do salsa sometime. It was a lot of work, you are right! I was impressed by your jam making...I had to try it too!

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