Monday, August 18, 2008

Royal Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream

Check this out on
I promise eventually i'll put up something besides desserts! I take pictures of all my meals, but I have yet to post them! Perhaps it is that the desserts look so much better photographed...This was one dessert that I have to post though! 1st time making home made ice cream. My church had a ice cream churn-off. I tracked down a $10 brand new ice cream maker on then started the search for the recipe to use. I actually combined two recipes to make my own creation- which of course everything I make ends up being my own creation. I use recipes as a rough outline or for inspiration. Here's some of the process and some of the final product.
I have to type up the recipe here so I can throw away my scratch paper envelope as I wrote down what actually went into the ice cream.

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Adri said...

I love this ice cream! I am so impressed with this blog. Very cool!

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