Thursday, August 14, 2008

My First Fruit Tart

Fruit Tarts are relatively easy but look difficult. They are a great creative outlet because you can decorate the fruit however you like-and it will always look delicious. I had bought myself a stoneware tart pan and had to put it to use. I made this one a few weeks ago. It has a whipped cream and drained vanilla yogurt filling, organic graham cracker crust (to avoid hyrdogenated oils) and fruit on top! Here is the recipe I was inspired by, Fresh Fruit Tart I of course adapt most recipes I use to my own liking. I adpated using the entire egg in the crust, not just the white (what a waste of a beautiful egg yolk!) I also used tapioca flour instead of gelatin for the thickening agent. Next time I make one of these i'm going to go for the full-fat cream cheese filling- much more satisfying :P The yogurt filling is nice and refreshing for summer though. For this recipe, I would add more graham crackers to the crust also.

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Ross and Aubrey said...'re amazing!!!

Elizabeth said...

cooking is my outlet :)

Molly said...

That looks really cool. I like the layout of the fruit.

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