Thursday, July 17, 2008

Organic Rx

We all hear about "organic" but what if we can't afford to buy everything we eat as an "organic" product? A while back I found Dr. Greene's Rx, a list of the most important foods to have organic. A lot of the time we think of just fruits and vegetables as organic foods. But in my opinion, they aren't the most important to buy organica. A short version of what I've learned:
Animal products are the most important to buy organic because pesticides and fertilizers used on the animal feed (whatever they are eating-) concentrate in the fat and meat of the animal. Eating animal foods that are not organic harm our bodies more than eating a non-organic fruit or vegetable. The concentration of chemicals is stored in the non-organic animals body in very high amounts- and then we consume it- and it concentrates in our body creating a even higher level of damage that could be caused to us. Side note: If you know a farmer that raises their animals with ecological methods- it doesn't have to be certified organic! It's more important to know how the animal was raised.

My Organic List:

  • #1 Milk- I would include all dairy products under this category. Like I said- if the animal is eating pesticide and nitrate ridden food- it is concentrated and passed on to us. If you have access to PASTURE FED cows products- these are what you should be buying. It goes above and beyond organic and allows the animal to live and eat the way it was meant to! Eating grass! Feed-lot cows are fed corn, which causes a plethora of problems (digestive problems, sick cows, shorter life spans, are more likely to be given antibiotics- and it's where deadly ecoli 05717 came from!)Plus feed lot cows never see grass and are not happy cows- and I don't want to eat anything from a non-happy cow.
  • #2- Meat products. Starting with Beef. For same reasons as stated above!
  • #3 Eggs

For the rest of the foods- I'm not sure of an order. So I'll get back to you on that one. I would follow Dr. Greene's Organic Prescription Dr. Greene's Organic Prescription, and slowly add these foods as organic the next time you buy them.

When I'm not drinking fresh, raw (organic, grass pasture fed, ecologically raised!) milk from Redmond Farms in UT, (which i'm not at the moment bc I can't afford to drive to Orem to get some! Within a year they will have a store in SLC.) I drink Organic Valley Whole Milk . They are organically certified and they rotational graze their cows.

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