Saturday, July 5, 2008

My first glass of Raw Milk

**note to readers** Raw Milk sales are legal in Utah if the farmer owns 51% of the store. This is legal. :)

After months of researching and learning about the benefits of raw milk, I finally became a real raw milk drinker, rather than just one that touts of the benefits without ever have trying it. I'd like to thank the author Nina Planck for inspring this passion for learning more about real milk, along with other Real Foods . After finding a local dairy that is certified, we went and bought some milk. The milk comes from Redmond Farms in Redmond, UT. They have a store they own in Orem called the Real Foods Market . In Utah, raw milk can only be sold in a store if it's owned by the dairy.
The milk tasted, unsurprisingly, like milk! It was a little creamier than your regular pastuerized milk, but the taste was much fresher, as it was from the same morning we bought it. The cream seperates to the top if it is left to sit long enough, it just takes a little shake to bring it back together before you drink it.
Here are a few facts about raw milk taken from the Redmond farms website and
Properly produced raw milk from grass-fed pastured cows is one of the most nutritious foods that humans can consume.
1. Raw milk is a complete and properly balanced food. You could live on it exclusively if you had to.
2. Raw milk contains all 20 amino acids necessary to produce the proteins that keep humans alive.
3. Raw milk contains ample amounts of lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose, or milk sugar. This means that many lactose-intolerant people can enjoy raw milk without the unpleasant consequences.
4. Raw milk contains healthy, life-sustaining fats.
5. Raw milk from grass-fed cows contains many times as much CLA, a fatty acid that appears to work wonders on the human body, as regular pasteurized milk.
6. Raw milk contains every vitamin and mineral useful to humans.
7. Raw milk contains over 60 known functional enzymes that perform a wide variety of important tasks for the body.
8. Raw milk contains healthy amounts of the protective/repair substance cholesterol.
9. Raw milk contains several strains of healthy bacteria that really improve digestion. Bacteria cultures added to raw milk make it increasingly beneficial as it ferments into products like yogurt and kefir.
10. Raw milk has natural flavor and color that, once tried, is usually preferred

In my opinion, raw milk is superior to pasteurized milk for many reasons. Pasteurization kills beneficial bacteria (as well as bad bacteria- which is necessary for milk that comes from inferior feed-lot cows) and it destroys healthy enzymes and fats that help the milk stay fresh longer, and help our bodies digest and utilize the milk.
I'm looking forward to including raw milk as a regular real food in my home. And when I'm not drinking raw milk I drink Organic Valley Whole Milk. They assure they pasture fed their cows and use ecological methods of farming like rotational grazing.

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